We have a friendly and professional staff dedicated to eagerly answer your questions and serve your current and future needs for teak furniture. To better serve you, We maintain an extensive inventory in our large showroom with an area of 10,000+ sq. feet. In-stock orders leave our warehouse in 1-3 business days of payment. If the furniture in our current stock does not fit your needs we will be happy to manufacture custom designed teak furniture.We pride ourselves in not just the Royalty, whose homes we have furnished, but the thousands of Malaysians and expatriates that are completely satisfied with our solid Teakwood (Jati) furniture that they adore their homes and gardens with. Having our roots in the hospitality services industry, we regard customer service as the single most important priority.

How to Order:

Visit our showroom anytime between 9AM and 6PM, any day of the week including public holidays.
Ordering from Teakita’s catalogue is easy! Simply choose your furniture and fax us an order form or contact us by email or phone.
We will send you a quotation as soon as possible.

Payment Methods:

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Paypal for payment. Cheques, money transfer or money orders are also accepted. Orders for custom merchandise, including engravings and carvings, are charged fifty percent of the full cost at the time of order and the balance is payable on delivery. For more details please visit finance options page.

After-Sales Service:

At Teakita, we are known for our after-sales service. We are able to have our showroom at a place with very little traffic in the outskirts of the city due to the fact that most of our invidual customers are repeat customers. As rarely happens, that a defect was undetected by our quality control personnel, and was delivered to a customer, as soon as we are informed, we arrange for a replacement at no extra cost to the customer. If we are out of stock of the particular item at that time, we can deliver another item that is similar to and chosen by the customer, until the replacement is ready. We provide 5 years full warranty on all our furniture.

Maintenance Service

Did you know that freshly sawn wood is more than 20 percent water? To prepare the wood for crafting into furniture, we carefully kiln-dry the wood to reduce the moisture content to a level that allows it to acclimate to the average relative humidity in most homes in Malaysia. The wood in furniture continues to exchange moisture with the air as it responds to climatic changes in your home. Like your skin, wood is also porous. It responds to extremely dry air by losing moisture and shrinking a bit. For example, the halves of an extension table may part slightly, especially at the edges of the table. This will correct itself as the relative humidity rises and the wood absorbs enough moisture to expand slightly. These natural changes, of which some are noticeable, however, do not affect the furniture’s quality or sturdiness.

Taking Care of Your Teak Furniture.

Teak is a tropical hardwood found mainly in Southeast Asia. It is extremely popular both for its natural beauty and its ease of maintenance. Teak is a very dense and oily wood, making it extremely weather resistant and perfect for both indoor and outdoor furniture, that can last in its perfect shape for ages. So what are the best options for extending the life and beauty of your teak furniture?

Treated teak. If your teak furniture has already been treated with some sort of finish, you need do nothing more than clean it when it’s dirty and keep it out of harm’s way. Some of our indoor furniture is treated with a melamine finish giving it a smooth feel and a longer lifespan.

Untreated teak. Many owners of teak furniture elect to leave it in its natural, untreated state. This is because teak weathers so nicely, and actually looks better over time, gaining character and a unique color. But it’s a good idea to begin treating it after five or six years, as the grain can begin to open up and form minor cracks.
Most of Teakita’s outdoor furniture is untreated and in its natural state.

Oils. Teak oil is one of the best choices for treating raw teakwood, and it can be found in most hardware or home improvement stores. We also sell teak oil at our showroom. Olive oil also works, but will evaporate faster than teak oil.

Wax or lacquer. Waxing your teak furniture twice a year can significantly increase the life expectancy of the wood. Putting a permanent lacquer finish on is also a popular choice, and will leave your teak items looking beautiful for years to come.

Teakita Maintenance Service:

At Teakita, we do provide a teak furniture maintenance service for a small fees. Please let us know if you need a repair or maintenance of your Teak Furniture, wherever it has purchased from. We are only an email or a phone call away. With an experience of many years, our staff are expert at Teak furniture maintenance. Depending on the type of maintenance/repair required, it can be done on site or we can arrange your furniture to be brought to our factory.


With first hand  experience of many years, our staff are expert at furniture maintenance. Dependis on the type of maintenance /  repairence required, it can be done on site or we can arrange your furniture to be brought to our factory.

For any additional information, please feel free to contact us and we will promptly reply you with the information you need.