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It seems like ages have gone bye, Yet  these years have passed in blink of an eye.

I remember it was year 1999, when I travelled to Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia for the first time together with Nanna, the nick name of my younger brother Firdaus Ahmad who has redefined the Jepara furniture industry.

We started with purchasing furniture from suppliers for Malaysian market. Anyone in the industry knows the challenges that we faced but to realize that the business is only possible if we produce by our own instead of outsourcing. Personally it took me long and I have to admit, very long time until I dare to put these words in black and white.  I found the passion in producing luxurious furniture.

Our first brand “TEAKITA” became the favourite in England, Germany, Austria, France and other parts of Europe.  Now our latest brand “ShaanTeak” is meant to be deemed in luxurious homes across the globe.

ShaanTeak as it sounds “Cantik” which means the beauty of luxury.

Luxurious Furniture crafted by experienced craftsmen using the best available materials, the high quality plantation Teak, 304 grade stainless steel in brushed finish and enhanced corrosion resistance.

Visit our showrooms in your city now and work with our designers to bring a beautiful look to your home and garden. Let us furnish, decorate, and illuminate your home and garden.


Our Company


Teakita is a leading manufacturer of exquisite and excellent quality furniture made from the finest genuine teak, stainless steel, synthetic wicker and natural rattan. We believe in total commitment to our customers with customer satisfaction, exquisite quality and prompt delivery as priorities.

Incorporated in 1999, TEAKITA has grown from a small company to an experienced manufacturing, distribution and retail company, Teakita is known for its high quality teak indoor, patio and garden furniture. As a full-line furniture manufacturer we design and create products for home and garden with special emphasis on teak furniture for the Malaysian market. From teak bedroom furniture & kitchen furniture, teak steamers and loungers, Teakita offers its customers an entirely new level of distinction in teak indoor and garden furniture to choose from.

Our Mission

Our mission is to innovate and create high quality furniture for classic and modern living that are simple in design, superbly crafted with beautiful look yet reasonably priced.

Our Philosophy

We believe in total commitment to our customers with customer satisfaction, exquisite quality and prompt delivery as priorities. We endeavour to furnish the homes and gardens of our clientele with genuine quality and beautiful furniture that is not only everlasting but environmentally sustainable.