Our extensive range of teak indoor and garden furniture is universally appealing, aiming to provide a teak furniture collection that significantly enhances the exterior and interior spaces of your home and garden. Teakita offers both classic and contemporary designs. The company’s traditional range maintains its heritage of classic, timeless designs whilst the modern ranges combine teak with Fabrics, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Synthetic Rattan. Those new items have now been incorporated into many of Teakita’s modern designs, all carefully chosen to ensure the highest possible standard.

Our Outdoor Collection: 

Define your own space under the open sky and let TEAKITA  create an environment of an oasis of Peace, tranquility and luxury of freedom that is not confined by walls yet a feeling of an extension of your home, your niche style and all the comfort that you deserve.
Teakita luxurious outdoor collection made from only the best teak wood, stainless steel, synthetic rattan and weather resistant fabrics and designed for tough outdoor environments.

Teakita is proud to offer these exclusive lines of modern and contemporary furniture to bring new life to your home and garden. Our customers also work with our designers to bring a personalised look to their homes and gardens with custom-made furniture.

Our core values ensure that all Teakita products are manufactured by skilled, experienced craftsmen using only the highest quality materials to create exceptional furniture that is designed and built to last. The outdoor furniture is made by using modern machinery with tenon and mortise joinery. Special attention is paid to the Kiln drying process of the wood which is one of the most important processes of manufacturing teak furniture as it eliminates subsequent shrinkage of the wood, mildew growing on the wood, non performance of the glue and future uneven discolouration. All fittings at Teakita are made of marine quality solid brass or Stainless Steel. All our products undergo a vigorous quality control system at each step of the manufacturing process to ensure that each piece of furniture is according to the company quality standard. The end finish of Teakita furniture has always been at the top of its kind. Each piece is finely sanded to get the smooth end finish.

We pride ourselves in offering our customers the very best after-sales and delivery service. We are dedicated to bringing you high quality, distinctive teak furniture made with plantation grown teak, harvested under controlled and sustainable yield practices.